Monday, March 21, 2011

RAD HOURANI S/S 11 – Collection #6 & Video

Rad Hourani’s Spring Collection consisted of 6 garments: 3 jackets, 1 top, a pair of leather pants and a bag. All pieces interchangeable from switching sleeves, collars or panels. Reversing things back to front or using only parts of each piece to create something new and interesting. This exclusive video from showcases Rad's innovative approach to creating a whole wardrobe that is super cool.

Photos and Video: Rad Hourani, Model: Tanga Moreau


  1. wow, so unique... I love the monochromatic colors, or lack thereof... the pieces are so dramatic yet versatile!


  2. wow this collection is so intense. Rad Hourani is definitely making a strong statement.


  3. I really like this collection! The leather look is awesome.. also I love the shoes the model is wearing ^-^

  4. I would LOVE to find booties like those. The lines are so clean and sleek. No fuss.
    Great blog! Lots of inspiration. xo, Ally

  5. Such bold pieces.. very futuristic

  6. love this collection. so clean and cool!

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  8. really nice! the cut of those clothes is great and I loke the leather a lot!


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