Sunday, October 9, 2011


It's been a few years since we bought our beautiful loft in Bushwick, Brooklyn. But, we never got to the interior design part of it. Mostly because we put all our savings into purchasing the condo. But, I think it's finally time to buy some real furniture & spice it up!

Here is some Inspiration for the mood and colors I like. 
Let me know what you think?

I've been craving these rich, deep, dark tones in a sofa as seen below in shoe designer William Frawley's Manhattan, Soho Loft. 
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 We absolutely fell in Love with this Fulham Leather Sofa from Restoration Hardware. It looks like we might have a winner if nothing else grabs us in the next few days.

You must visit the showroom if you are in NYC!! You won't want to leave. In fact you'll want to move in as the displays are fantastic & the furniture is super cool & comfortable.
 For years I've wanted to own a Leather Chesterfield but think I'll wait till I own a house. But, I can still appreciate their grand beauty & fabulous tufting. And how about that chest?
Don't you just Love this lounge chair? 
I'm pretty sure my husband would.

Above two Images via somewhere out in the Tumblr world.

Feel free to make suggestions or point out stores you think we should visit. And stay tuned for more Interior Inspiration!

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  1. these interior / furniture is to die for ~ I love it!

    thank you for following ;) followed back ~


  2. I love the first pic ! The leopard stuff makes it even better :)

  3. Any guy would love that Lounge Chair!!
    Great Post. Thanks for the love. You're so OFF-GLASS!


  4. i love the lounge chair !! but i liked the first one pic the most ! those leopard prints will make your room feel more alive ;)

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