Thursday, July 21, 2011


So I received A Stylish Blogger Award last month and was asked to pass it along to 7 other Stylish Blogs. It was very difficult to pick 7 out of so many amazing and interesting blogs but I decided to share a few new up and coming blogs I came across more recently. 

Please do check them out as they all have something very unique and inspiring to offer. If you've received this award please try and pass it along as well and share with us 7 unknown facts about yourself. 

 Anya's Airy Photography & Ethereal Poetic Stories are Absolutely Brilliant, 
Reigniting Feelings Hidden Beyond.
Photos from her Blog below.
Twin Sisters, Fabliha & Tasfia have such an Amazing Modern Aesthetic which leans towards Neo-Goth & an Avant-Garde Sense of Style. Fabliha documents their 
Daily Life & Beautiful Photos of Outfits they've worn.
Photos below from her blog.

Poala van der Hulst, Banker by Day & Fashion Designer/Illustrator by Night. 
Her Illustrations & Blog are a Must See. 
Illustrations below by PvdH.

Other Stylish Blogger Award Recipients to get Inspired by are:

I Love checking out Monika's Daily News on Fashion Finds, Home Decor, Fitness & Health.

Fantastic Recommendations from a Parisienne Student. Cool Interiors to Great Fashion Finds.

Everyday Chic Street Style Looks by London based Vivienne.

Art Student from Boulder shares a Wonderful Selection of Fashion Collections to Great Editorials.

Hope you Enjoy these Lovely Blogs as I have and share the Blog Love by passing the Award along to your Favorites!! You don't need to be on this list to do it...;) 

Lots of Love to all the Stylish Bloggers out there & Especially to Lauren of LVDS who gave me this Award. Her blog is Simply Amazing!! Check it out. 

Faiza xo

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  1. Oh this is so amazing! thanks so much!! Def just made my Friday even brighter!

    PvdH -designer and illustrator

  2. wow thanks for posting
    i agree, those blogs are totally worthtaking alook into even though their styles are all very different

  3. Hey there girlie!!!

    I love the blogs (BTW, cute revamp of the award... the frame is CUTE!)

    I have a question for you regarding your blog but I don't think your comments are the best place to ask. Can you send me an email at ??


    LOVE the blogs :)



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